Buying Real Estate & Personal Property at Auction

We are different than any other company when it comes to Real Estate Auctions.  We offer services to our Sellers that are unique. 


*After we list Real Estate for Auction, UNLESS we are selling the property ABSOLUTE WITHOUT RESERVE, we present all offers to our Seller up to the day before Auction.  Why do we do this?  It is very simple, we want the Seller to have as much exposure to an offer that is acceptable as possible.  We have had great success in the past presenting acceptable offers to our Seller prior to Auction day.  When this happens, more times than not the Seller is reimbursed dollars that were set aside for marketing & advertising.  We are able to cancel any marketing in place before it hits print, thus saving the Seller money & getting the Seller a contract price they are happy with.  When the Real Estate is sold in a case like this, it is sold under the Auction terms & conditions, this again is favorable to our Seller.

*Once we have a listing agreement in place, we begin marketing & advertising the Real Estate.  Part of this process includes conducting multiple Open House events when appropriate.  We also hold an Open House the day before the Auction as well as opening the property an hour prior to Auction time.  We also open the property for any/all inspections by appointment.  We want any/all potential Buyers to have multiple opportunities to inspect & view the Real Estate.  We also provide ample signage on the property that works for us 24 hours a day.  We provide statistics to our Seller informing them of any interest in the Real Estate they have to offer.  We find it necessary to keep our Seller up to date on the level of interest.  

*We provide potential Buyers & Real Estate Brokers/Agents all information we have about the Real Estate as well as registration paperwork any time prior to Auction day as well as Auction day itself.  We want all of our Buyers & participating Brokers/Agents to have all the information about the Real Estate in a timely manner.  At any time potential Buyers can also access this information on our website or by calling one of our Team Members.

*When requested by the Seller, we also conduct the Real Estate Auction online.  We do this in one of two ways.  We either conduct a Public Auction with live simultaneous bidding OR we offer absentee bidding online that ends 1 hour prior to the live Auction.  We offer this in an attempt to better reach any/all potential Buyers.  We also accept bidding over the phone during the live Auction, arrangements prior to Auction day must be made in order for us to accept bids over the phone.

*We are able to provide remote document signing for our Seller(s) as well as the Buyer(s), when necessary.  At times we have more than one Seller on a single piece of Real Estate, one or more of the Sellers involved may be out of state or country.  We can provide real time digital document signing that is secure, saving the Seller time & money.

*We offer a commission to other Listing Brokers/Agents that exceed what most other companies are willing to offer.  We also offer a Broker/Agent participation commission that exceeds what most other companies offer.  We love to work with Brokers/Agents outside of our office, whether it be helping them sell their listing at Auction or when they bring a Buyer to our Auction.  We want to compensate them very well for working with us.

*When the Auction has reached the conclusion, we sit down with our Seller & the Buyer and go over/sign the Contract for Purchase, any/all Addendums, collect predetermined non refundable earnest money and set a closing date for 30 days or less following the Auction.  We accompany our Seller to Closing.  Buyer takes possession after Closing.  

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Easy to understand


Whether you are a Buyer of Seller we make personal property Auctions super simple!


There are only 2 types of Auctions, With Reserve & Without Reserve.


Auctions with Reserve: Simply means that the property being offered at Auction is being sold with the Seller reserving the right to remove items or reject the final bid amount. Fortunately (for the Buyers) this rarely happens.


Auctions without Reserve:  Commonly referred to as Absolute Auctions, simply means that items being offered are being sold to the highest Bidder regardless of price.


We handle all types of personal property Auctions to include: Heavy Equipment, Farm Equipment, Construction Equipment, Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Boats, Campers, RV's Firearms, Coins, Antiques, Collectibles as well as complete business liquidations.


As a Seller, you can rest assured that your property will be handled with the utmost care & respect.  You will be given the best service possible by our entire Team from beginning to end.  We will market & advertise your property in many ways to provide you with the most exposure to potential Buyers.  Our goal is to make you money, not cost you money.



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